Signs You Need Your Septic Tank Pumped

25 May 2023
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When you have a septic tank taking care of the wastewater leaving your home, it should be cleaned out about every three years. You may need to have your septic tank cleaned more frequently if the system sees excessive use. It's important to pay attention to signs that your septic system is not working properly, which often indicates it's time to have your septic tank cleaned. Problems with slow drains throughout your home, puddles forming in the yard, or bright green grass over your leach field can all mean that your waste water is not flowing away from your home as designed.

Your Toilet Bubbles When You Flush

If your toilet consistently bubbles when you flush it, there is a clog somewhere in your plumbing system that is causing air bubbles to form. You might have a problem with a clog in your toilet, or you could need to have your septic system cleaned. If your septic system is close to full, this can lead to bubbles when you flush your toilet.

All of Your Drains are Slow

Slow-moving drains usually indicate that there is a clog deep in your plumbing system that is preventing wastewater from adequately leaving your home. As the clog gets worse, the problem will become more pervasive. When you have a septic system, an almost full septic tank will stop water from leaving your home fast enough. If the septic tank is not cleaned out, you can end up with wastewater coming back up into your home through the drains.

The Leach Field is Bright Green

When your grass has an abundance of sulfur, this will cause the grass to be unnaturally green. If you discover bright green grass above your leach field, this means that the waste coming from your leach field isn't leaving your property as it is supposed to. Sulfur from the wastewater is making it to the roots of your grass system, causing the bright green grass.

Other signs that you need to have your septic tank pumped include:

  • You smell an odor in your yard, or coming from your drains.
  • You have puddles forming in your yard when it's not raining.
  • You don't know when your septic system has last been cleaned.

Your septic tank can last for years when you get the system cleaned as needed. If you ignore issues, your septic system will eventually back up and cause a mess in your home.

To learn more about septic tank pumping, contact a professional service in your area.