3 Things You Should Consider Before Renting A Dumpster

31 July 2023
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Renting a dumpster can be a very convenient and cost-efficient way of disposing of a large amount of trash. However, there are a few things that you will want to consider before making use of a dumpster rental service. Taking the time to consider the following three factors will help to ensure you end up with the dumpster that is best suited to your specific needs. 

#1: Where You Will Put The Dumpster

Before renting a dumpster, you will need to take into consideration where this dumpster can be placed on your property. After all, renting the largest dumpster available will not do you any good if you are not able to accommodate a dumpster of this size on your property. You will also want to consider whether or not the location of your dumpster will be easily accessible by other people. If so, you may want to spend a bit more to rent a locking dumpster. This will help to prevent other individuals from illegally dumping items in your receptacle. This can be very important since you will be responsible for the cost of disposing of these items. 

#2: What Type Of Trash To Dispose Of

Many people mistakenly believe that they can dispose of anything they want to in any dumpster. This is not the case. In most cases, there will be a list of prohibited items that can't be disposed of in your dumpster. For instance, most dumpster rentals prohibit the disposal of electronic waste or toxic chemicals. In some cases, dumpster rental services will even have different rates depending on whether you are looking to dispose of building materials or common household trash. Knowing exactly what it is that you need to dispose of will ensure that you end up with the right type of dumpster for your needs and that you are given an accurate quote for disposing of these items. 

#3: How Much Trash You Need To Dispose Of

Most dumpster rental services will offer a variety of different size dumpsters. Each of these dumpsters will have limits on both how much trash they can hold and how much this trash can weigh. Since you will pay a separate fee each time your dumpster needs to be emptied, choosing a dumpster that is able to accommodate all of your trash is often the most cost-efficient route. Knowing how much trash you need to dispose of will allow you to choose the right size dumpster for the job. 

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