Use A Dumpster Trailer To Recycle Your Construction Waste

24 February 2023
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Construction sites will always generate waste. There will always be portions of a product that the construction workers cannot use and will either be disposed of or recycled so that you can get the waste out of the way and continue with your construction project. If your crew has difficulty recycling and disposing of waste, consider hiring a dumpster trailer service to help you.

How Construction Waste is Normally Disposed Of

Most construction sites send waste that they have generated to a landfill. Some locations have large incinerators that will destroy garbage, so it does not take up space. However, construction waste can also be recycled.

New technologies make it possible to recycle construction materials that couldn't be recycled as quickly before, such as asphalt shingles. This more eco-friendly option will make your construction projects more sustainable. 

Common Types of Waste

Wood and metal construction materials are among the easiest to recycle. You will inevitably need to cut wood when creating trim and dispose of the waste left behind.

Metal waste comes from cut-offs when fabricating metal components of the building. You will need to shear sheet metal to meet the dimensions of your building as well.

If your construction company engages in demolition services, it will likely produce glass, insulation, and concrete debris. You might also need to dispose of old appliances.

What to Expect When Renting a Dumpster Trailer

When renting a dumpster trailer, a representative will drop off the dumpster trailer. Your construction crew can place it in whichever location is the most convenient. They can toss construction debris into the dumpster. 

What to Do When You Fill the Trailer

Once your dumpster has filled up, contact the dumpster rental company, and they'll haul it away and handle all the recycling for you. If needed, they will bring a replacement dumpster trailer. Your company will be able to recycle construction debris at a much lower cost than if you were to dispose of waste the traditional way.

Advantages of Recycling Construction Waste

By recycling your construction waste, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. The fact that the construction waste is recycled will attract eco-conscious customers and will be an added value that you add to your service.

By recycling construction waste, you'll also create more goodwill within your community. By disposing of the garbage, you will no longer store the debris in a local landfill, giving your construction company an excellent reputation.

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