Understanding Dumpster Rental Terms And Conditions

31 January 2022
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Before you get that dumpster for your home, backyard, or construction cleanup, try to understand the terms and conditions of dumpster rental services. Some of these terms and conditions include the following.

Weight Allowances 

Check the weight allowances before you get that dumpster rental service. Most dumpster rental companies will have weight restrictions depending on the State and city. For example, in Las Vegas, the weight allowance for a 20-yard dumpster is about 18,000 pounds. 

In comparison, Minneapolis has a weight allowance of 4,000 pounds for the 20-yard dumpster. Ideally, contact local dumpster rental companies and inquire about weight allowances for your preferred dumpster size. Also, engage the rental company and discuss your project to ensure that you get a suitable dumpster size. 

Rental Duration 

How long will your clean-up or construction project take? Is it a day or more than a week? Typically, dumpster rental periods span 7 to 14 days, but you can agree on fewer days. You will pay a standard rate for each day; however, if you retain the dumpster for longer than previously agreed, expect to pay an extension fee. 

Also, most dumpster rental companies don't pick the dumpsters automatically. The company won't pick it up immediately after your period lapses. You have to schedule a pickup day, and if not, you will pay an extension fee for every additional day. 

Waste Restrictions 

You can't throw everything into your dumpster. Most dumpster rental companies will have restrictions based on local laws and regulations. For example, you can't throw your old refrigerator in the dumpster. 

Refrigerants are toxic; thus, you will have to consult your local sanitation department. If you need to dispose of your refrigerator, call your appliance retailer or local sanitation department. Alternatively, ask if the dumpster rental company can handle it once the refrigerant is drained by a professional. 

Other prohibited items include car batteries, asbestos, hazardous materials, industrial drums, ink and resin, medical infectious waste, and propane tanks. 

Dumpster Permits 

Will you require a dumpster permit before renting one? Not necessarily, if you place the dumpster on your property. You can't place a dumpster on the streets or any public right-of-way. If you do, a dumpster permit is necessary. Ask your dumpster rental company to assist with the necessary documentation. 

Extra Weight from Snow or Rain 

What happens if it snows or rains before you fill your dumpster? The dumpster will get heavier thanks to additional weight from rain or snow. You are responsible for the additional weight. If the total weight, including the rain or snow, is more than the weight allowance, you will pay extra.