What To Look For In A Commercial Dumpster Rental Company

25 September 2017
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When it comes to having construction waste removed from your job site, you want to make sure you have the right equipment and the right trash removal services. If you are looking for a commercial dumpster rental company to handle your construction waste, here are a few things to look for before you hire.

Recycling Options

Not all of the trash you throw out will need to go to a landfill. In fact, much of it can be recycled, from wood scraps to metal pipes. Look for a dumpster rental company that offers recycling services so your company can do its part for the environment. In some cases, this may mean renting a recycle dumpster and a trash dumpster, though some companies may offer to sort through the materials for you. Be sure you understand the recycling program and what is expected from you.

Flexible Scheduling

Whether you are ahead of schedule or you have some heavy demolition days planned, your waste removal needs may change quickly. Your dumpster rental company should be able to offer flexibility when it comes to trash hauling, as this will help to ensure your dumpsters aren't overflowing. This will also help the rental company, as it means the drivers will be able to safely haul away your trash.

Dumpster Size Options

Not every job will require the same size dumpster. Residential remodels might require a small roll-off dumpster, while commercial construction projects may require larger industrial containers. Ask about the size options each company offers so you know you have the flexibility to rent the right container for every project. Consider asking about standard dumpsters for your construction offices as well, as this will ensure that your day-to-day office trash can be hauled away conveniently.

Material Restrictions

It's a good idea to know in advance about any restrictions on materials that the dumpster rental company might have. These restrictions might include weight limits for heavy materials, such as concrete and brick. You may also find that you aren't allowed to dump some types of waste, such as old building materials that might contain asbestos. Asking about this in advance allows you the chance to find alternative arrangements for hazardous materials, and it also makes it easier to plan additional pickups when you are working with heavy items. 

Do your research and compare rates from different companies so you can be sure you are getting the services and prices that meet your business needs.